Neon Art

Ever since the 1960’s, neon has grown to become a popular medium in fine art, with world famous artists working with glass, flame, gas, LED and acrylics to create sculptures made of light. From Dan Flavin’s influential light installations to Tracey Emin’s impactful word art, contemporary artists have explored a huge range of different methods and styles in their neon sculptures.

The famous Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in California is devoted exclusively to Neon art and has been exhibiting electric and kinetic fine art, and outstanding examples of historic neon signs, for over three decades.

LED Neon Art for Sale

Aesthetic Neon Wall Art & Light Signs

Get your very own piece of eye-catching, handmade light art created by Custom Neon – check out the ideas in our shop or get creative and explore your artistic side with your own custom design!

Get your very own piece of eye-catching, handmade light art created by Custom Neon – check out the ideas in our shop or get creative with your own custom design!

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Neon Art in Pop Culture

Traditionally used to create eye-catching outdoor advertisements, by the 1940’s neon made its first appearance in fine art pieces created by Argentinian artist Gyula Košic. Two decades later, minimalist sculptures created by Dan Flavin earnt him the reputation “The Godfather of Neon”, Andy Warhol described it as “one of the great modern things”, and many more contemporary artists started working with neon to create pieces that can now be seen in galleries and museums around the world.

Taking advantage of neon’s stunning colors and bright glow, Bruce Nauman used flashing lights to create double and triple messages in famous pieces such as “Eat War” and “Violin Violence Silence”. British artist Tracey Emin created a series of chic, deeply personal phrases styled into her own handwriting “I Can’t Believe How Much You Love Me”, “The Last Great Adventure Is You” and simply “Wanting You”.

From its origins in advertising to its movement into fine art and popular culture, these days you’ll see neon lights in interior design magazines and wedding blog posts. You can now get an affordable piece to add excitement to your own walls from Custom Neon.

Neon Art for Room Decor

Check out the neon look art for sale in our shop – our pieces come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors so you’re sure to find something that matches your taste. You can pick any of our popular sculptures or get creative and design your own custom neon masterpiece!

Neon Word Art

Browse the lighted word signs in our shop and get an eye-catching word, inspirational quote or famous saying for your own wall. Our most popular phrases are about love - “‘Til Death”, “Darling, So It Goes”, or “Kiss Me A Lot Everywhere” can be used for event decoration or for home décor in the bedroom or lounge.

Lighted Sculptures & Lamps

Faux neon art isn’t just limited to wall décor – you can also get a freestanding sign that looks great on shelves, desks or on the floor. Get an acrylic box or base for your sculpture and it will stand up without needing to be hung against the wall. You can use it as a lamp, nightlight or on any surface to bring the space to life.

Make a Statement with Neon Lights

Using our sign maker, you can create stunning word art with your own personal message. Try it out to see how your life motto, a quote from your favorite book or song lyrics looks in different colors and fonts, and we’ll create a beautiful word sign that’s sure to make a statement on your walls.

Design a Custom Neon Sign

We love bringing art ideas to life, and can work with any picture, drawing and even your own handwriting to create a uniquely personal piece - whether it be a light up floor standing sculpture, artistic LED lamp or mountable wall art. Send us your ideas and we’ll help you create a stunning piece of original light up art that you can display at home, your business or give to someone special.